Sunny Daze Series 2019

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Walnut Creek Stables
Sunny Daze Series
July 20, 2019 (QCDC)
August 10, 2019 (QCDC)
September 21, 2019

Opening Date: May 1, 2019
Closing Date: 1 week before each show
Walnut Creek Stables
12080 Lick Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45251


Betty Ortlieb 1st show
Christine Gemmell 2nd show
Jennifer Grant 3rd show

Show Secretary; Carol Hartlaub – 513-604-3957 – Email:
Show Manager, Kristie Lutz – 513-257-1026 – Email:


1. Introductory Level Test A Junior
2. Introductory Level Test A Senior
3. Introductory Level Test B Junior
4. Introductory Level Test B Senior
5. Introductory Level Test C Junior
6. Introductory Level Test C Senior
7. Training Level Test 1 Junior
8. Training Level Test 1 Senior
9. Training Level Test 2 Junior
10. Training Level Test 2 Senior
11. Training Level Test 3 Junior
12. Training Level Test 3 Senior
13. First Level Test 1
14. First Level Test 2
15 First Level Test 3
16. Second Level % Test of Choice
17. Third Level % test of choice
18. 4th Level % test of choice
19. Western Dressage Intro
20. Western Dressage Basic
21. Western Dressage Level 1
22. Musical Freestyles
23 Musical Group
24. Eventing % test of choice
25. Sport horse in hand 3 and under
26. Sport Horse in Hand 4 and over
27 Dressage Suitability w/t
28. Dressage Suitability w/t/c
29. Dressage Equitation w/t
30. Dressage Equitation w/t/c
31. Leadline

The show arenas will be held in outdoor sand arenas. Warm up will be held in the sand indoor arena. No lunging permitted in the indoor arena.

Limited Stabling available. Text or e mail for stall information and reservations – Kristie Lutz-(513-257-1026). Stabling fee is $35.00. Shavings available: $8.00/bag

Entry Fees:

Classes: 1-31 $25.00/class. Office Fee: $15.00/entry. Late Fee: $10.00/entry if received after closing date. Refunds, less the office fee, will be given with a vet certificate only. Current negative coggins required: Health certificate required for out-of-state horses.

Start Times:

Enclose e-mail address for start time. Please fill in your e-mail NEATLY. No times will be given over the phone.


Ribbons through sixth place


Introductory Level Junior, Introductory Level Senior, Training Level Junior, Training Level Senior, First Level, Second Level & Above, Musical Rides, Sport Horse In-Hand, Leadline, Western Dressage,

Safety Gear Requirements:
Proper headgear, boots and breeches required.

Download the show bill here